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Akimbo Designs is a multiple award winning South African based company which produces extraordinary work across multiple media platforms through a variety of design and development skills. Our site development skills are primarily based in HTML, ASP.Net, Javascript and Flash. Although our main focus is web design and development we always strive to push ourselves to deliver everything and anything required from our clients including online media and print work.

Our ethos is what we like to call Sophisticated Fun because many clients like the idea of keeping things corporate and serious; which is always great and is a huge part of what we do. However we feel that where possible that extra touch of flare is necessary, to turn great work into exceptional results that our clients are proud to call their own.

Our goal is to create total customer satisfaction in everything we do, through our unique cost effective solutions and effective time management resulting in absolute efficiency across all aspects of our business. Our unique business model adds value to your brand turning it from an ordinary brand into an extended marketing tool to boost your business and simultaneously delivers global exposure.

Akimbo Designs continuously adapts to the ever changing design and marketing environment and strives towards growth in skills development, new technologies and client relations to ensure that we not only surpass our competitors but set the standards for others to follow. We also aim to maximize all our available resources to achieve quality in service and act in our clients best interest.

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